Ever since that man has taken office, watching the news bring me to a whole other level of anger and frustration and fear. Out of these feelings a series of art journal pages was born. These pages have definitely been cathartic and have helped me to deal with so much. But I feel that this is just the beginning.
Here is a look at these four spreads. I call them the Red Series because that color, which I associate with anger and blood, predominates. This series touches on women’s rights. On being belittled by bullies. On rising against such people and situations. On protecting yourself from the assault of these bullies. On being angry and resisting. On demanding respect.
”Blood Moon Rising”.

”Crimson Tide”


”We are done asking nicely”

I feel assaulted by the news stream these days and yet I can’t turn away because in doing so, my gesture can be interpreted as consent at the actions these bullies are taking. And I cannot condone these. They will see a rising tide of dissent and I will be a part of it.