Lots to show today. This first one is inspired by Lisa Congdon and her amazing penwork.

Some collage and introspection.

This one was done in front of the Vampire Diaries, just to occupy my hands while watching a few episodes adn to showcase my love of old papers.

The next two are in reaction to some political turmoil happening back in Quebec (where I’m from)

And then some pages about feeling kind of out there not knowing where we will be posted after Hong kong.

A page welcoming the Year of the Horse.

More introspection, leading to action.

Playing with typography.

This last one is an example of pushing through the ugly for me. I really really disliked it at first. but after adding the foliage on the bottom and that red, it helped me to like it. The collaged elements brought it home for me. I was going to cover the whole thing with writing, but in the end I like it with all that ’empty’ space.