Here are some recent pages in my Moleskine art journal. This is where most of my emotions run rampant. Where I confide my fears and worries. Where I can be bitchy if I want to and self-pitying too. It’s one of my favorite places to be even when what I put in there is sad or hard or troubling. I always feel so much better after.

I have alluded to a recent friendship breakup. This has been gnawing away at me for the last few weeks (hence the emotional eating seen above heh heh). So I decided to help myself and take action instead of letting that person hurt me all the time. I redacted the writing because it is a little too personal.

But how incredible is this stitching? It’s by an artist who embroiders these portraits. I found this image in the in-flight magazine and I regret not taking note of the artist’s name.


Tomorrow I’ll be sharing pages from my From Here to There album for Get Messy. In that journal, I document our wonderful summer and transition from Hong Kong to Canada. No darkness or angst in there, just love and light.