When we moved, I immediately went to the space that will become my studio. It’s a beautiful big room that has a lot of natural light. There is a counter that will become my standing desk and that faces the window. Because we are on the 5th floor, we get a lot of light and the view is nice. The jet lag has given me some time to think about what I wanted to put in my journal.

This first spread was done two days after we arrived here and is called The Arrival. I don’t always give titles to my spreads but this one warrants it. I’m basically expressing how it feels to overhaul your life completely to move to a new city.

I used clippings of urban settings in magazine photos. I drew some buildings on top with various pens/media. I also used some oils pastels (in green). I tried to seal it with clear gesso which ended up smudging a lot of the buildings I had drawn. These disconnected buildings are a metaphor for how this city made me feel as I looked at it for the first time: urban, dusty, foreboding.

This second spread deals with strange feelings I am having. I feel like I am going back into the skin I had when I lived in Hong Kong. I find myself falling into the same patterns as I did back then. It’s something unexpected and I am curious about the process. I am stronger now and better equipped to deal with the change but still, I am interested to see what I will become.

Since taking Amy Maricle’s Freeing the Muse class, I’ve been using my fingers a lot more, exploring texture and color mixing. I did the background using this technique. It feels like I am putting a lot of me in there and really connecting to my pages. I also like taking my time and really developing my ideas.

I used a Polaroid that never developed and wrote on top with my Uni-Ball Signo. More and more when I use magazine photos, I try to transform them to really make them my own and so they support what I am trying to express.

I left a lot of white space on the right side because the future is unwritten. That vintage photo of the woman studying represents the scientific side of me, the one that is dormant at the moment.

Sometimes I need very few words. ‘Chrysalide’. It’s such a beautiful French word and it holds a lot of promise.

n. s. chrys·a·lid·e (krĭ-săl′ĭ-dē). 1. A pupa, especially of a butterfly. 2. A protected stage of development.

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