I’ve been on a bookbinding spree recently. It all started with this book that I made for a friend. It was a custom order that she made through my Etsy Shop. I had sooooo much fun drawing the cover image from an anatomical book and onto vintage paper.

 She chose mainly blue hues for her papers, but also some with orange and grey. There are a lot of white ones for sketches and notes too. Plus the infamous stag paper!

I hope she likes it. I made a second book for sale in my shop. This one uses a Greek book cover and is filled with rainbow hued paper. Very vibrant and happy!

I’m really trying to get better at this binding stitch technique. I like that you can still see the title peeking through.

Here’s a look at some of the pages.

I’m still getting used to my japanese screw punch. I sometimes have trouble aligning the holes on the crease of the papers. So the holes peek out from some of the pages. It’s definitely something I’ll be working on.

I really like using old calendars, the paper is so sturdy and soft and the images are lovely.

The book is available here :

I made this small book for friends of ours who are getting married this summer. I used lots of nautical papers because they live near the Atlantic Ocean. I also put in paper that had hearts or a love theme. They live in an old Quebec style house, made of wood with a lovely barn next to it. So I also put in lots of woodgrain and farm papers.

I think it would make a sweet guestbook.

All this bookbinding for others made me kind of jealous! I’ve been meaning to make myself a writing journal for a while now. Just a place for long-winded written-out interior dialogues! I love unicorns, so this cover was just perfect for me.

I love that you can see the lion’s face on the spine.

I filled it with papers from recent favorites by Maggie Holmes, Basic Grey, Crate Paper and American Crafts.

Seeing some of these papers together just makes me very happy and excited to write.

Thanks for looking!