On to July’s pages! This happy spread was for the day of July 5th. It was such a happy reunion that it deserved it’s own spread!

The week of July 6th to 12 was so much fun for me because I started taking my bike to work. How I loved doing that!

It was fn that my daughter was also getting more and more comfortable on her own bike.
That weekend, some of my university friends and their children came to stay with us. It was great that the kids all got along and played together.

The week of July 13 to 19. The kids went to their very first day camp. It was a complete success, both for them and us.

Love the colors on this page.
The right page is an insert for a mini trip to Montreal. We went to a Safari zoo and to see some friends.

The other side of the insert is all about that Sunday.

I went to see the David Altmejd exhibit and then we took the long way home on our way back to Gatineau.

This page ends the week, with the kids’s camp show.

This spread douments the week of July 20th to 26th. The kids went to a second camp, more of an arts one this time.
This page is full of happiness, starting Harry Potter with my daughter, receiving my Blue Sky papers Rustic Artisan, getting a preview of an exhibit at the Museum, drinks and great food.

Little moments that make up a week.
And the last week of July : the 27th to the 31st.

This side is about the last day of my contract at the museum. Also the whole Instagram banning the Goddess hashtag, which made me quite mad.

And then, I was on vacation. So I took the kids to the beach and let out my own inner goddess and a grand time was had by all. 

I won’t wait as long for August’s pages! Although….school is starting soon….