Oh, my friends, I feel good about Project Life 2015. I’m super happy with my decision to go 9 x 12. It’s a great change and I love thinking in new ways. I’ve been using the page protectors that came with the albums I bought. I am also using up my 12 x 12 stash and I will prepare a post about that for next week.
In the meantime, here are my January pages!!! Super excited about my title page.
The back side of the title page I call the intro page. I made it about my One Little Word, ‘commit’. That ‘twenty fifteen’ card is an amazing free printable by Caylee!

My January pages start right there since the first week was a short one and we were really sick with the flu.

I sewed through wood veneer for the first time!

This next spread is for January 5th to 11th. That week was tainted with the horrible attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

The left side is about my return to work and the ice storm that hit us.

And on the right, the terrorist attacks and our reactions to them.

The following spread is for Jan 12 to 18th. I made a vow to use more stamps in my album and I love the look.

The calendar cards by LifeLovePaper from Studio Calico are really cool. And I spy some cards by I’m a Paper Nerd.

The right side is all about friends coming over for the weekend. We like to cook up a storm and enjoy food, wine and good conversations that last the whole night. This card set is one of my favorites by Big City Quiet.
There wasn’t much going on during the week of January 19th to 25th, except toward the end of the week. Our first date night in months warranted an insert.
A whole day spent ice skating with the kids. More stamping! Cards by Jamaica Makes and Big City Quiet.

A real date night, woot woot! I like to keep the movie tickets and add them in.

The back side of the insert introduces our Sunday, which we spent skiing!

It was the kids’ first time. There was some whining but all in all it was a fabulous day.

It was a pleasure for hubby and I to rediscover the joys of winter and of skiing.
And so we come to the last week of January, from the 26th to the 31st.

Lots of creative stuff happening. A Get Messy giveaway, lots of making stuff for The Awesome Ladies Project and for Babes Send Things. All good. There was a lot going on at work too.

I got my amazing Ozetta eternity scarf just in time for -30 degree celcius weather. We went to see The Wonders of the Arctic at the Imax at the Museum. It was a real winterlude type of month and it was great.

I’m so excited to be documenting our daily life again! I am loving the new size and where it is taking me. What size is your pocket scrapbooking album? And how do you like it?