Here we go for the second half of August’s pages. We arrived in Maine for a week that we were spending in a house where I used to go every summer when I was a child. It was a real walk down memory lane for me and I was so excited to show my husband and kids where we used to go.

Again with the little snippets of stories. The 3 x 3 grid pages are perfect for this.

This spread is one of my favorites. I love this color combo so much.

Seeing these just takes me back to that feeling of slat water in your hair.

The kids had a blast. Some things have changed and others not at all. And isn’t that the best?

Days on the beach followed by good food and drinks at night.

One evening, we went to the Pier to go on the rides. This was mind blowing for the kids. They loved it! So did I!

The routine was so fun : beach, lunch, rest inside, beach, supper, drinks. So good. This spread is all about my favorite pizza in the world. It was just as good as I remember it. 

That is the top of the pizza box. Heh heh. I’m that girl.

One day was kind of cloudy so we went off on our own and brought the kids to Funtown USA. Another amusement park, just big enough to be fun and not overwhelming.

Most rides were the same as back then, notably the astrosphere and the pitoune.

The next day it rained so my girldfriend and I went shopping at Target (which we don’t have anymore in Canada) and then my family and I went out for a real New England clam chowder.

And all of a sudden, it was Friday night. We cooked some lobster using sea water. And the next day we took the obligatory family photo on the back steps and off we were back to Gatineau, back to reality.

It was a perfect summer vacation and we were grateful and humbled and happy for every second of it.