This is one of those photo heavy posts so I hope you like those! I loved making last month’s Project life pages because so much happened. I got some cards from two core kits – Inspire and Adventure – and the colors go perfectly with the Studio Calico kit and the Messy Box. So this month came together fast and it looks good (if I do say so and I do!)
Here is March 30 to April 5, actually that week is on two spreads. Because of Easter and also because my husband was in Hong Kong. So it was so cool to document his everyday and ours and compare them.

This is for Easter weekend specifically. I think my kids believe in the Easter bunny more than they do Santa Clause!

The spread on the left was so much fun to make, with the kids and I sending kisses to Hong Kong and the dog on the top corner 🙂

 This spread is for April 6 to 12. Hanging out at home between contracts.

Someone was playing tricks on me with Guy fawkes!

April 13 to 19, back to work is way more fun with sunshine and lunch dates!

Love the ‘gotta make’ card from Indoorsy in I’m a paper nerd’s shop.
 I really love the 9 x 12 size and making these bigger pages has really grown on me.

I slipped in my Favorite Things contribution to the My Details class [affiliate link] behind that one. It seemed like the perfect intro to the week of April 20 to 26 when I made a whole bunch of stuff.

The back part holds stuff from that week also, but has more of a crystals and spiritual feel.

This insert is for Saturday April 25th, when I treated myself to a day at the spa. The highlight was finishing The Goldfinch which I loved.

I snuck in that Book Review card behing the photo.

The back part of the insert is for date night!!

The top portrait was when we were out on our date and the bottom was at breakfast the next day. i thought it fit niceley with the facing page’s theme.

Once again, my husband was away for a couple of days and I documented his day to day and ours.

These pages are for April 27 to May 3rd. The right page is another insert because we got bicycles! The kids never learned to ride bikes in Hong Kong because the roads were not bike friendly. So we are very excited to get them started.

That top one is mine!
The back part of the insert shows the final page in my Moleskine art journal.

This last page documents my children’s visit to my office! Because of ethical issues there are two photos that I cannot share so I turned them over. I was so proud to show them what I do and they loved seeing the bones in the Museum.