As you may or may not know, I haven’t opened my Project Life album since the last week of June, when it got packed up along with all my other belongings and travelled halfway across the world. Now that we are settled in to our new home and before I start work, I’m going to catch up on documenting our summer in my 12 x 12 Project Life binder.
I’ll be using the #letscatchuponprojectlife that the lovely Olya created on IG. There you’ll find lots of ideas and clues as to what worked for her and for other creatives who made a plan and applied a method to get back on track with their albums.
I will confess that I don’t use planner pages for my album. Although I document weekly, I used to do my pages for the month in one go. So I’m not put off by ‘being behind’. That said, because I knew we’d have the whole, wonderful, and full summer to document, I planned. I wrote our daily activities in my Field Notes journal. I documented the summer in my From Here to There album. And there is always my IG feed to help me remember when something happened.
So armed with all this, I had my photos printed last week. I started by sorting all of them and bundling them according to which week the event happened. The first part was documenting the end of June and our last days in Hong Kong. This finishes my first album for 2014 (I try to have 2 a year).
Here are my pages for June 23 to 29. Lost of packing as all of our stuff left in its container to cross the Great Blue Sea. It was also the last week of school in HK for the kids.

And then, this spread, which is one of my favorites and documents June 30th to July 6th.

The first week of summer vacation is soooo sweet right? I thought it was quite funny that just as school lets out, all that the kids wanted to do was to go to the library! I noted the subjects of the books they were reading about.

The week focused on my kids because I was with them all day. At the same time, we were dealing with a lot of red tape, complicated form-filling and oaths to take, lots of farewell dinners and lunches too. So that ‘not going to freak out’ card was just perfect for my mood at the time. And the brick wall card….I sure hit a wall with the cable company and the difficulty in cancelling our subscription!
The very last week was kind of a whirlwind and I didn’t take many pictures, just lived the moments as much as possible. Because I didn’t want to carry over images from Hong Kong into my album for the second half of 2014, I just made this photo heavy insert. The front page has views from our balcony.
And the back has views from a boat trip we were treated to just before we left.
It feels kind of weird seeing those pictures now, like it was all a dream. I’m always so amazed at our capacity for adaptation.
This is my end page for the album. It is both an end page for the first half of 2014 and for our 4 years in Hong Kong. I very much love this spread.

In the coming week, I’ll be sharing July’s pages. Thanks for looking.