I’ve done some more practicing with my brush script. I bought some more black gouache and a big pad of drawing paper. This way I could pratice without being stingy with my supplies. I also bought a porcelain bowl which I’ll only use to mix gouache. Now that I know you can ‘re-activate’ the gouache in the mixing bowl, I figure I’ll waste it less than if I have to clean out my mixing bowl so I can use other types of paint.
This one was made with the gouache and the no.2 sumi brush. I started getting that feeling that Kal Barteski gets and am really keen on continuing my experiences. This one made me really happy.

After using the gouache, I tried out some black ink with a smaller, rounded watercolor brush to see how much control I had and if I liked it. I love the ease with which I manipulate the watercolor brush. I made a whole page filled with Valentine sentiments and I love almost everything on that page. So, I think this means that I should practice more with the sumi brush so that I can get comfortable with it. I feel like I have a good back up if ever I never reach the level I’m going for with the sumi brush. Although the ink was easier to work wih, I love the texture of the gouache once it’s dry. It looks so bold.

I had fun experimenting with the ‘Pic Jointer’ app on my iphone and some recent Valentine’s Day pictures.

I think that, once I get comfortable with Photoshop, it’ll be so much fun to add these words to my Project Life and other projects (I’m thinking wrapping paper!)