We are gearing up for the Season of Introspection at Get Messy. It starts next week! I’m very excited to dive in. I wanted to try something different and to work in an altered picture book. So I looked through the ones we have at home (we are moving so I had to do that anyway) and found a great book to alter.

Swan Lake is one of those stories that just stays with you; full of love, villains and drama. Totally my kind of story! I love the size of children’s books for altering: there aren’t too many pages. I think a Season will fit nicely here.

The illustrations are lovely. One page has a full page image and the facing page has the text.

The pages are square and quite big which will be a great challenge. My only ‘worry’ is that the pages are quite thin and that they are glossy. I may have to do some preparation with clear gesso to reinforce them.

I already have plans for these pages! I want to keep parts of these gorgeous drawings.

I can’t wait to get started!