Before all of our belongings got shipped out or stored, I took the time to finish my Pocket Scrapbooking album. I felt I had to because we will not see our shipment until the end of September! I would have been so far behind. Here are April’s pages. At the start of that month I went to Belgium for work. For privacy issues, I have blurred some of the photos/writing.

We were on a dig, but were staying in historic Bruges and it was awesome.

The ten days I spent overseas are spread out in my album because there id always so much to document when we travel. i visited many of the Commonwealth military cemeteries in northern France.

And then, highlight! I spent the weekend in Paris…with Caylee! That was so excellent. We had the best time and it was a treat to actually meet Caylee in real life. She is awesome! We did exactly what I really wanted to do in Paris: walk around, find great paper/art stores and buy ephemera on the Seine.

We also ate great food, talked all the time and worked in our travel journals. It was so cool to spend time with someone who likes to document things like I do. Obviously we would stop every few corners to take photos in front of gorgeous doors or murals! 

After that amazing weekend, the rest of my trip went by quickly and it was time to go home.

The week I returned was so full…My sister had her twins, my cousin came to our place with her babies, we had a memorable 12-course dinner and the kids had a sleepover on the weekend!

Beyoncé released Lemonade and I was completely floored by her video documentary. We started our vaccines for our trip to Beijing and my husband and I had a weekend getaway in Toronto.

It was great to have time together, to enjoy the sights and walk around TO. Tattoos and Mexican food? Yes please! After that, I had two more days at home before my trip to South Africa to see my nieces!

I’ll be sharing May in a couple of weeks.