Hello all. I’m quite proud to say that so far I am keeping up with my pocket pages and documenting our year and that makes me happy. Here is a look at March: 

Little moments from the weekend.

Lots going on in the second week of March so the week is on four pages.

LOVE these colors

We were lucky enough to go to a sugar shack on the weekend, so that took up a whole page protector. (ps my cousin is a babe)

I gave a presentation and it went really well. I was proud of me for not freaking out.

The next week is when my husband came home after being away two months!

That bossy card totally describes the Mother of Dragons.


The kids were beyond thrilled to have daddy home.

Documenting date night, presents received and of course Khaleesi.

The last week of March was Easter, which is the kids’s favorite because of the egg hunt.

We had friends over and a good time was had by all.

Plus, I’m a sucker for anything LifeLovePaper but especially bunnies! 
P.S. The Mother of Dragons broke the Bowie Bunny right after I took that picture. That cat, i swear.