Yes, January is done and in the books! Even though at the end of 2015, I got overwhelmed and had trouble keeping pace, I really love pocket scrapbooking or whatever you want to call it. It is truly a source of joy. So here’s to 2016!
I like the gold / blue / orange feel of these first pages.

I always include my One Little Word for the year in my album. For the last three years I’ve also done a tarot reading for the year ahead and include that also.

The first week of January was tough with some family upheavals. Whenever I have something too personal that I don’t want to share or don’t want someone seeing, I write it out on the back of the cards I’m using. In this case, the story is behind the ‘OKAY’ card.

I didn’t have too many specific photos for the second week in January. (I blurred the top left photo).

When that happens, I just try to render the overall atmosphere.

I did have a fulfilling trip to the art store and so decided to have a supplies/ projects page for this week. I wanted to document both th Color Chaos project and the new Awesome Ladies Project scrapbook challenges.

The 3 x 3 grid pages are perfect for this kind of documenting. The challenge is getting all that color to go well together!

On this side of the grid I documented all the zines we made through the Zine Squad! They are listed under the ‘Member 5’ tag. Keeping them hidden because some haven’t been received by their new owners yet! It’s also a place to document the passing of Bowie and Alan Rickman.

On the right side, simple photos, limited color scheme so as to not overwhelm. That weekend was the last one before my husband left for his Chinese immersion. My daughter also went to a three day camp. The teacher had sent instructions that the bag not be bigger than the kid, so we sent him a picture with the proof.

The following week was pretty quiet with just my son and I at the start of the week.

We are all getting used to this new routine. Some of us weren’t sleeping so well partially because of distractions of the feline kind. Wink.

The weekend was spent crafting, making journals for my Etsy shop and watching Netflix. Heaven.

I love using bold patterned paper as a background, but you have to make sure that it doesn’t take away from the photo but supports it. When I chose the paper for the 9 x 12 side, I knew I wanted a limited color scheme for the right.

Took the kids out for brunch on the Sunday. I LOVE this photo of them. My daughter launching into a long winded story and my son checking his watch. Such a great capture of our everyday!

On the last week of January, we started a new tradition: Tuesday suppers with friends! This time we went for sushi. It was also the week that I held my Insta sale and that the X-Files started!

I ‘m already pumped to start February’s pages 🙂 Thanks for coming by.