I got through the whole month of February as a working single parent and survived! My husband left for a two month immersion course and so February was a blur of being the responsible one, getting things done and documenting them in my 2016 album. Yay, me!

I have to say that a bottle of wine shared with a friend is a big help, especially when you are having a bad day!

I used an insert with 4 x 4 pockets to help document that week. 

The underside is all about the Superbowl and the Dance Party/ Craft weekend we had.

The next week was busy but quiet, except for Valentine’s Day, which was great because I got some flowers from my darling!

We hada big snowstorm that week, 51 cm in one day! It was a record.

When your love is away, there is a lot of Facetiming and sending each other pictures. We are lucky to live in a world where communicating is so easy and timely.

The back of the wintergram insert has some journaling about dealing with my daughter’s anxiety or rather helper her deal with it.

The kids had two weeks off in February/March. 2 weeks! It so happens that their first week was also my birthday week. So I took that week off work and we left for Montreal. I had the best time: did my hair, went to all my favorite haunts and saw my friends.

I loved walking around my chosen city and enjoyed discovering new places too.

The Pompeii exhibit was really awesome.

On Friday night, we went out for my birthday, we had some awesome food and great wine too.

I added my kids’ birthday cards and love messages to my pages. I loved my silver hair, wish it had stayed that way longer.

This was the poster explaining the Greek wine event at the restaurant. I took it down and had everyone sign it.

On the left, the night of my dinner party and on the right the morning after’s brunch!

A grand time was had by all! Alas, all good things come to an end and I had to leave Montreal to go back to Gatineau. Sigh. See you next month for March’s pages.