I, along with many many people, am following Kal barteski’s Life Scripted class at Studio Calico. After the first week, I’ve noticed a couple of things.

First it takes a lot of pratice and playing wth different inks and paints to find the right balance. I tried with gouache, acrylic ink and china ink. I still need to try acrylic paint. I also experimented with different papers : watercolor paper, sketch paper and plain old letter paper.

 I definitely like he gouache best because it is so opaque and dark.

These were my two favorite from this weekend’s session.

I’m longing for a little more instructions on how to hold the brush, other that ‘with a perpendicular hold’. It’s really hard to get the details you want and I’d like some more detailed images of how to hold the brush to the paper. I’m looking at what others have accomplished and want to keep going for sure.