This week-end I finished my Play That Song class journal. Once again, Kara’s prompts did not disapoint, although I branched off into my own ideas as well (which is the whole point, right?). Here is a look at my finished journal.

To construct the journal, I used a whole bunch of vintage papers, either music sheets or songbooks. I pulled some magazine cuttings that had to do with music or whatever I was journaling about.

I really liked using my label maker to write out some of my favorite lyrics.

See the five horizontal lines on the bottom of the right page? That is how I use the leftover letters and numbers in an alphabet sticker sheet. I cut them up and use them as visual elements.

‘Hurting music’ was my father’s expression, very fitting with the blue pantone.

I had way too much fun drawing these band logos 🙂

This song is my ‘it’ song right now. You know that one song that perfectly encompasses what you are going through during a certain period in your life? This is the one for my life at this very moment.


On the right page, the loops around the patterned paper are also from a bunch of unused letters and numbers from that alphabet sticker sheet. On the left, some lyrics from an old country song my father loved.

My kids are really into putting on ‘rock shows’. I glued down one of their ticket invitations and some awesome lyrics they made up.

The left side is a fold open panel.

It opens up to reveal the playlist for my father’s wake, in March. I really wanted to write this one down because the music that night was both saddening and healing. I want to remember some of his favorites.

The Rolling Stones’s patch had to live in this journal. I wore that t-shirt of 5 years straight. Plus, the story on that page is quite moving. On the left side, that piece of papers opens up to show a confession…


 Loved making this one too. Thanks for looking!