I was fortunate enough to win a custom cover for my Pretty Documented planner. My name, hand lettered by Vanessa Perry, wow!
I bought this amazing planner in 2014 and have been excited to start using it ever since. I thought long and hard about the setup I wanted. I bought both the floral and the minimalist edition because I knew I wanted to mix and match. I debated how I was going to print the pages, what size and on what type of paper. Should I have it spiral bound? Put the pages in the Studio Calico Planner I bought? Should I bind it myself?

In the end, I decided to follow Caylee’s advise and make the planner work for me. First, I know I mostly use the monthly overview pages. I don’t really use the daily ones all that much. I sometimes use the weekly pages, but in general, monthly is good for me. I knew I wanted to decorate those little square so I printed the Minimalist monthly pages.
Ah, but how lovely are those monthly dividers? I knew I wanted the Floral options for them. I decided to put these in my Studio Calico planner Handbook. As you can see from the photo below, the pages are smaller than the ones in the planner. I must admit that my printer sucks. It doesn’t print double sided and the half-letter size seems smaller than it should be. But I don’t really mind. I think the pages peeking out look lovely truth be told…
And what are those pages? They are the Becky Higgins Watercolor Planner pages set, which I bought before the Pretty Documented planner. They are 6 x 8 and full of soft florals. they are not weekly planner pages but daily journaling ones, which was a surprise to me when I opened them. But I will make th most of them because, no wasting! I think I will just use these to jot down to do lists and weekly/daily plans.

 The colors fit really nicely with the Pretty Documented planner.

I bought a 6 hole punch when I followed Ashley Goldberg’s class Paint Plan Play. I used it to punch holes in the Watercolor pages as there are only two holes on the Becky Higgins ones. I printed my planner pages on soft, thick 32 mgs paper. I love it.

 Now, to start using it!

What are you using?