I finished the Remnants journal that I made for the Pieces class. This class, taught by Johanna Clough, shows you how to make a junk journal and then fill it us with the “pieces” and scraps that make up our day to day.

I thoroughly enjoyed making the journal itself. The method is a simple, no sew technique that I can see myself revisiting in the future. I love the idea of using found papers or junk mail for this.

For this project, I decided to use my scraps and the ephemera that is left over from my book binding and zine work.

It was really cool to have a curated spread emerge from random papers. Some of the spreads are interactive, as Johanna showed us to do.

I was able to use symbolism to say something about being a mother in a strange land…all the while using junk mail, ephemera, old packaging and business cards.

This one is my favorite: an identity collage, all about me, using stuff from my stash.

Sometimes I let the background page dictate what the spread will be about. 

Sometimes, the meaning is clear only to me.

Sometimes it is the color palette that helps me decide what the spread will be about.

This one is another favorite about coffee and existential conversations.

This one was built from the background up and really spoke to something very specific, namely my feelings about the postal system in China.

And this final spread was the perfect home for the vellum piece with “you are magic” stamped on it. That particular piece is 4 years old!

If you love junk journaling or if you want to lean where to house the everyday ephemera we tend to accumulate, then Pieces is for you!

My biggest takeaway is constructing the journal and letting the pages emerge, with no preconceived reasoning. Just letting them evolve and come forth. That was a good exercise for me.