Oh how I love to try new things! How I love something that pushes me to think differently a bout supplies or the way I work. The ever inspiring Julia has offered us the chance to do just that with her now class at Get Messy: Pen + Ink. You are in for a treat when you take this class!

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Jules’s style. She is the whole reason I decided to embark on the My Day Arted project. I just love the way she uses colours and lines and patterns in her art journaling. The best part? This class uses supplies you already have or can get for a pretty good price.

I just raided my kids’ crayon box and found this handful of markers. I have lots of ink already from various brands like Sennelier, Liquitex, JB Herbin and Winsor and Newton. I keep them in these Ikea flower pots!

As soon as I got the class, I went through a couple of the lessons. I immediately pressed pause and had to try out all the techniques. I am especially mesmerized by the interaction between ink and water. So I started with that.

For the moment, I am using watercolour paper, remnants from books I have bound. I am thinking about dedicating a journal to this class, after seeing Katie’s, Ashley’s and Riet’s journals!
Just in love with these phantom landscapes.

My biggest takeaway from the class so far is how much fun can be had with colour markers or felt tips as Jules calls them. I just love the way they bleed and blend and these are not the expensive kind of markers too. It seems so simple but it is definitely an ‘a-ha’ moment for me.

Almost as good as watercolours!

 I used a mix of felt tips and inks on the paper strips below, Aren’t these colours so vibrant? Don’t they give you so much energy? I also wasn’t expecting to fall for colour in this way!

The techniques have found their way into my Daily Diary as well. I’m excited to play more and to see how I can incorporate them into my art journaling. This class fits in so perfectly with the Season of Colour. But what you learn can be applied to anything and it’s absolutely possible to make it your own.

I invite you to check out Pen + Ink here, at 25$ it’s a total steal. You will not regret it.