Hello all. Today for Workspace Wednesday – and because I’ve been asked to – I decided to share a tutorial for a pamphlet stitch. This is an easy bookbinding method and is the one I use for the notebooks I sell in my Etsy shop. You can see these here.
There is a giveaway at the end of this post so make sure you read till the end.
The variation I will show you today is a three hole pamphlet stitch. You will need four-six sheets of paper depending on thickness (I would recommend computer paper to practice on and then try ‘fancier’ paper when you are used to it), an awl (or pointy tool to make holes), some thread (or embroidery floss; I’m using waxed thread because I have some but no need to go out and buy this), a needle (I’m using a blunt bookbinding needle but a regular one should be ok as long as the thread can go in the eye) and scissors.

I’ll be using this kraft paper that I won in a giveaway held by Caylee. Each sheet is 8 x 5 inches. This means by book will ne 4 x 5 once folded. You don’t want to go bigger than 10 x 7 inches unfolded because then you’ll need stronger thread and more holes. Fold all your sheets in half lengthwise and nestle them like so.

Next, measure your thread. I usually do twice the height of my book and add a little extra to be sure. Thread your needle.

The next step is to punch the holes. I usually go straight in and eyeball it. If you want perfectly measured holes, make a template and punch through that. I usually make the middle hole first. Take your awl and while holding the papers tightly together, punch through all four sheets.

Make sure to go go clear through the spine.

Then, make a hole on the top and one on the bottom of the center hole.

When looking at the spine, you should be able to see the holes clearly.

Now th actual binding part. Start from the outside and run your needle through the middle hole toward the inside.

 Pull until there is just a little piece of the thread left.

Then, go to the top hole and thread from the inside out.

Pull tight while holding on to the tail of the thread that is in the center hole so it doesn’t get pulled out.

Now, from the outside of the top hole, go directly down into the bottom hole, skipping the center one.

Pull tight.

You are on the inside again. 

Go through the center hole, from the inside out and pull tight.

 Now, there are two strands coming out of the middle hole on the outside. Make sure there is a strand on each side of the thread that runs from the top hole to the bottom one, like so.

Tie up the two strands, trapping the middle stitch in between them.

 Voilà! YOU DID THIS!!

If it’s nice and tight you should get nicely bound pages.

The center stitch on the inside should look like this.

I went ahead and made four of these cuties in an ombré color scheme. I’m giving these away right here on my blog! 

To win these, write in the comments below this post how you would use these mini-journals.

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Please tag me on any photos of your books, I’d love to see them 🙂