Contrary to what you may believe, I DO realise that I’m completely crazy for taking on these art projects in the middle of an intercontinental move! But like I’ve mentionned before, I’ll pack art supplies and sacrifice the space meant for clothing.
I’m participating in Kara Haupt’s Summer of Love class. I am doing the night and day photo prompts with my DSLR, but some of them I am keeping for when we are back in Canada. The photography prompts are great. I am grateful for this class because it has made me use my Nikon again…and to actually put it in Manual mode.
There are two photo prompts per day and a whole bunch of journaling prompts too. Here are a few of my completed pages. I plan on printing out the photo prompts at the end and intergrating them to the journal.
This is my intro page with a picture of me. I was able to print that one on my Selphy before it was packed away.

The ‘Endless Summer’ is from a shopping bag here in HK, how perfect!
The second prompt is to dedicate the book to someone, to something, to define who it is for.

I’m dedicating mine to my kids, because summer is so their season right?

I should say I am dedicating it to the child in all of us…

The next page in the book is the title one and I wanted to leave it as is, so I simply made a blue collage facing it.
Very simple : a children’s book page, stickers, washi, a pantone strip and an Instax picture.

This prompt was very poetic ‘For I look up __________________’. Love it.

So I used this great image of the moon that I covered with an even greated printed vellum sheet : it has these hands and glasses on it.

I wrote the title of the prompt on the bottom part of the moon and only glued the top of the vellum so can still lift it and see the moon.


The facing page has a picture of my husband and I that I altered and surrounded with hearts, a moon sticker and my favorite romantic quote from The English Patient. I also underlined the end of the story that was on that page…perfect last line, don’t you think?

For this prompt, we had to watercolor our summer word. I didn’t really want to choose just one so I wrote down these two phrases. Not my favorite page, but I don’t hate it enough to re-do it.

I’ve been saving this image since 2011. It’s from a Mucha calendar and it is Summer in all her glory. In the complete image, she is next to a stream and her crossed feet are just over the cool water.

On the left is a fishing lure that was made into an earring that I don’t wear anymore. So I just took off the earhook and stapled it in.
What’s a summer journal without a playlist? Nothing!!
The left side had some sheet music on the page already.

And I wrote my list on the other side. I added the retro, colorfull images, just because they seemed to go with my playlist.

Further in the book, I made an envelope from an old Rifle Paper co calendar.
The backside of the envelope. There’s nothing in it – yet!

So this is where I’m at for the moment. I’m having a grand time working in this journal and my From Here to There album. Soon I’ll be able to send the kids to play outside and craft on the back porch. Can’t wait.