Get Messy’s Season of Adventure has come to an end. We have two weeks ‘off’ at the end of each Season so everyone can catch up on previous prompts should they want to. We had guests over this weekend so I haven’t had much time to play in my journal. I got to it on Tuesday.

I was thinking of the art prompt with Caylee’s video showing how to make an abstract background. I decided to try that for this spread. I put some watercolor on the pages, keeping to 3 shades of warm tones. I also added some glitter paint. 

At first, I wanted to add a dark, contrasting color to fill in the white space. But in the end, I decided to go with my favorite supply, tissue paper.

I’m loving the soft feel of it. I’m still pondering where I will go from here. I have a theme, an emotion to explore, so I think some drawing and words are in order.

What would you do if you were me? Leave me a note in the comments if you can 🙂