I have been wanting to make this quilt for two years now. I was so inspired both by Pam Garrison and by KelleyD67 (on instagram) and their wonderful, magical, embroidered quilts. So I had an idea and a plan. I wanted to make my quilt into a calendar type memory quilt. I would stitch about what happened to us in 2014, especially since this is the year we transition from Hong Kong back to Canada. I thought it would be a great way to document this step in our lives.

I was very gung-ho! I made this piece in January:

And I started on the Hong Kong skyline in mid-February:

And then my father passed away suddenly on March 4th. And then we were flying off to South Africa to take care of his affairs and to mourn and to celebrate his life. For obvious reasons, this threw me off my game or I should say lead me in different creative directions.

When I came back to my idea of a calendar quilt, I thought, ‘I don’t want this to be featured on my quilt’. But it was such a big event, how can it not be on the ‘document our lives in 2014 quilt’? This made me realise that I am documenting our lives A LOT already. Through Project Life, through my art journals, through my writings and on Instagram…

So I am letting go of the initial project that I had planned. I am going to make my haphasard quilt into something that is not so cartesian, more organic and loose. After all, that is what I liked about the above mentionned quilts. It’s also what I love about embroidery and stitching, it is like painting with fiber. So I went back to my Pinterest embroidery board where I have gathered examples of what I like about stitching. And this is my new starting point for this goal / project.

Il n’y a que les fous qui ne changent pas d’idée! (loosely translated : ‘only the crazy never change their mind’). I will be sharing here of course when and if I ever get started…