Hello all and welcome to dans-mon-crane.com. How exciting is that?! I cannot tell you how amazing this feels for me. I have been very much feeling like this is a Season to start fresh. New Moon, new beginnings. We are emerging from winter here in Beijing and it seems like the perfect moment to launch my very own website.

I feel like having my own website, complete with shop and gallery and all is a turning point for me. At the beginning of 2018, I decided to treat my side hustle as an artist as my full-time job. What started as a way of coping with change and moving abroad has become a way of life, a state of being. There is so much that I want to offer: from bespoke art journals and books to online classes and in-person workshops. For a while now, I was feeling like my Etsy shop was a melting pot of items that were hastily photographed. I now have more time to create items that I am proud of. Starting fresh on my own site makes me want to offer only the most interesting items, those that spark your own creativity.

A few weeks ago, things were set in motion that made me realise that this is the path I should be taking, that it was up to me to make this happen and that I can do this. I won a seat in Radiant Release Healing’s class, Unleashing the Tigress. This class was so very motivating and helped me to let go of a lot of what was stopping me from realising my dreams. That yearning for a clean slate, coupled with my skills learned from creating classes with Get Messy, launched me into taking real concrete steps to make this happen.

The very first step was to enlist my tech fairy godmother Caylee. She created this incredible website for me. I am so in love with all of it, the colors, the branding, that moth! Caylee has such a knack for listening to you and then seeing what your vision is and making it happen. She really made this super easy for me – I’m kind of an techno twit!

I invite you to take a look around, especially at my gallery. Shooting those art journals and projects was so very emotional for me as I got to revisit some pretty intense projects. It made me proud of my work and it makes me proud to have a space to share them with you. You can read my creative story and about how I came to believe in the power of art journaling on the About page.

I have missed blogging these last few weeks and I am happy to say I am back. I feel rejuvenated and excited to embark on this path. Bring on this new Season! I am so happy you are here!