So you may have noticed my new header and blog name. Here’s the story behind it. My first blog name ‘Just call me artsy-fartsy’ comes from a university joke. I majored in Fine Arts before changing to Archaeology. Anyway, at my first uni, there was this prevaling ‘I’m a super dark and tormented individual, therefore I must be a tortured artist’. So I made a photography project called ‘just call me artsy-fartsy’ as a satire.

It was an inside joke. Unfortunately, as a blog title, it sort of sounded conceited.

When I signed up for Instagram two years ago, I wanted to have a username that reflected my personality and my interests. I’m an archaeologist and a physical anthropologist, so I study human remains in archaeological contexts. I chose ‘dans mon crâne’ which means ‘in my skull’. I liked that it had an anatomical connotation, but also because it links to the fact that the images and things I share on IG are from my skull / my way of seeing things.

Aside from my IG, I have a Tumblr account, a Pinterest, an Etsy shop, this blog etc. I ended up with a whole bunch of different usernames and such. So I decided to reduce these different social media handles. I kept my original Etsy shop name ‘Vanessa’s Fancy’ because it fits with my shop (which is filled with things I fancy!).

Everything else is now Dans mon crâne, including this blog. I pulled out my watercolor brush and wrote out the title on a blank sheet of drawing paper, edited it in PSE and there we go. Because I really like the idea of this blog reflecting my crafty experiences, I wanted it to have a name that showed that. (As a side note, I realise that the most popular blogs are the ones that have both personal and crafty content. But for me, I feel that I already share a lot of my personal stuff on IG and FB, so this blog is only for my crafty endeavors. That is why I don’t go too much into detail when showing my PL pages).

I am also a French Canadian and am proud that I speak two languages (actually three), even though all of my posts are in English. Although at first I thought people may have been intimidated by the fact that it’s a French title, I compromised by adding the English translation under my hand written title.

There you have it! You can see my other pages by following the links on the right of this page. Thanks for looking and please don’t hesitate to leave me your comments.