We’ve been having the worst weather in Hong Kong for the past month. Clouds and clouds and rain and more clouds. A couple of big electrical storms too. Although I love me a good storm (perfect for hiding under the covers with a good book), I’m really over all this grey (there are more that 50 shades, that’s for sure). It does make for pretty pictures though.


The other day, I felt I had to make a page in my Art Journal about this. One thing you may not know about me : I can’t throw away a piece of paper. EVER. This means I have thousands of scraps of all sizes. I use a lot of them for packaging in my Etsy shop. I also punch out stars or round labels. I reuse my scraps in my Project Life albums and on cards.
But I do love it when I have an idea that lets me use up a bunch of scrap paper, like I did for this page. I started with a layer of washi tapes.
Then I added strips of paper. A lot of these are the bottom part of scrapbooking paper. Kind of like the selvage on fabric, it’s where you have the manufacturer’s name. On the other side, there is often a pattern there that can be reused. Hence, they go in my scrap pile!
Once I had my ‘rain’, I cut various high-rises out of leftover scrapbooking paper and put them on the bottom.
Then I cut out some pretty clouds. How lucky for me that Uppercase magazine had a whole edition on rain and clouds! I added a picture by Thom Thompson and cut out images by a Chinese artist found in the catalogue of an exhibit I saw 2 years ago (told you, I keep everything!).
Voilà! Felt good to get it out of me.

It’s still raining though.