Yes, that’s right, October. Yeeesh, time goes too fast! I swear I didn’t even have time to realise we were in November and already people are sharing their December Daily albums! Gah!
Here are my October pages, November’s will be done next week. This spread is October 6 to 12, including Canadian thanksgiving. I did wait for Studio Calico’s November PL kit to fill in some of these pockets and the ones that follow.

The week of Oct 13 to 19 had an insert in it. The left side has images from the weekend. In the insert on the right, I document Saturday Oct 18th, when I went on a day trip to Montreal to get a new tattoo and met up with one of my girlfriends. We spent the day catching up and shopping.

The back part of the insert holds all the business cards from the places we visited. The right page documents the rest of the week. I love the color scheme here.

October 20 to 26 was a weekfull of far ranging emotions. There was a shooting on Parliament Hill that kind of traumatised the city of Ottawa. That Friday, the kids celebrated Halloween at school and my daughter’s birthday too. It was also my husband and I’s 13th anniversary. And the Saturday was my girl’s 9th bday party with friends, documented on the right.
October 27 to 31st : That week was off for the kids. Luckily for me, my mother-in-law was with us and took care of the kids so I could still go in to work. I brought them to the children’s museum on the Wednesday. We have loads of fun each time we go there. I also got my hair cut really short! It’s a nice change. The right side is all about Halloween. This was my kids’ first real Halloween because in Hong Kong it isn’t really celebrated. So this was a really big deal for them and they loved it. 

Thank you for coming by, please let me know if you have any questions about products used. The heart card just above is from Analog Paper’s new shop!