I had so much fun in my Painted Diaries in November! We were invited to go monochromatic for this month. I chose all things pink.

I decided to do a self-portrait each morning in my diary. It was really fun to see how different my moods were and to choose which media would support the self-portrait.

Some portraits were almost abstract, some were semi-realistic. I didn’t sweat the details too much and let it be a fun engaging project.

I cut my hair at the beginning of the month so that implied a change in how I draw myself!

I also loved alternating between collage, line drawing and paint. The choice of type of media as well as the choice of pink was informed by my mood that day and how I wanted to illustrate it.

Letting yourself be guided by the one color makes you really focus on the type of media you are using. My self-portraits done in paint are different than the water soluble crayon ones yet just as interesting to me.

I am amazed that we are almost done with 2019 and moving on to a brand new decade!