The brand new Get Messy 3.0 will be live very soon. The new Season will start in February and I am getting ready. For this new version of Get Messy, I decided to go back to an old favorite and to try something new…

The old favorite:

Yes, I’m going back to my beloved Moleskines….I’m still feeling a little sad about the fact that these journals don’t hold watercolor that well. But using watercolor on the gessoed pages of my Season of Magic journal gave me some interesting results, so I think I may experiment and apply this to the Moleskine.

That spine, that fold on the middle of the pages is soooo appealing to me. I really craved the smoothness of the paper; that is a big part of why I’m going back to the Moleskine. Also, I noticed that when I was using the handmade journal I had bound with watercolor paper last year, it was like I hesitated not to cover everything up with something. It was like I didn’t want to do minimal for fear of ‘wasting’ the paper. So my style got a little busy at times. This is really what I mean by the medium influencing the art: the dimensions and texture of the pages of the journal play a big role in the type of art that will emerge. At least for that is true!

The new thing:

Be still my heart.

Guys, I bought this set in Hong Kong. In 2014. I think it’s about time I used it, don’t you? I have never tried gouache before so I am excited. I believe there’s a learning curve to it, but I am ready to take that curve on. I’m going to read Mary Ann Moss’s posts on using gouache. I know that Lisa Congdon also uses it.
Have you tried gouache? Any tips or tricks you’d like to share with me? Or any ressources you’d like to point me to? I’m all ears, please leave them in the comments.