So we made it to Shanghai after a month of vacation back home. As is the case each time, leaving Canada was hard. But we have a brand new city to explore and to make our own.

So far, I am loving Shanghai. That doesn’t mean the transition is easy though. There is a lot of anxiety, trying to manage everyone’s emotions, battling jet lag, organizing the return of the cats, trying to find the grocery store and getting ready for the start of the school year, all that while living in a temporary appartment. Luckily, we will be living in the same building. Unfortunately, we will be lower down so our magnificent view will change.

September is usually a chance to reset for me. This is how I feel about this space. I have neglected this website as I navigated my move from Beijing to Shanghai. But now I am back and  have big plans for this space. Starting with a tighter blogging schedule and hopefully getting my shop back online asap.

I will be harnessing the energy of this card which invites me to set things up once more. I will be blogging more regularly, about three times a week. I’m bringing back my old habits: posts will go up on Mondays and wednesdays. Fridays will be reserved for Get Messy posts.

Thank you for still being here. I’m kicking off this new schedule with a 30 Days of Lists giveaway tomorrow! see you then 🙂