Last week, as I was packing up my toiletteries, I came across my embarassingly extensive nail polish collection. I noticed I had more than a few bottles that were not my style anymore or in which the nail polish had thickenend too much to be usable.
So then I remembered this post by the ladies on A Beautiful Mess and decided to try my hand at marbling a couple of scrap paper pieces I had on hand. Thus, I would use up some of my stash at the same time. Win-win!
This paper is made with a tan polish plus two glitter ones, you know the ‘Halloween’ type colors that live at the back of the medicine cabinet. I love how the glitter shows up in the sunlight.

What I learned : don’t skip the gloves! I didn’t have any on hand so had to do extensive cleanup on my hands after this project! Also, it’s hard to  not get intoxicated by the fumes when you’re working in the bathroom on the 26th floor of a building! I didn’t want to work on my balcony for fear of the papers being blown away. It’s really important to have the right equipment.

I also learned that if your nail polish is too thick, like the red one above, most of it sinks to the bottom. When you try to swirl it, it just stays in clumps, so it’s ok as an accent color but doesn’t give the same effect as the regular nail polish.

I had fun experimenting and can definitely see myself doing marbling with the kids and toxic-free materials in our backyard once we get to Canada. In the meantime…I never threw away those nail polish bottles since I now have a whole different reason to hoard them! WHY? Why???

I’ll be cutting up these pieces and using them in my art journals and in my Summer of Love journal.