As I knew we would be travelling a lot over the Holidays, and in a short amount of time, I decided not to bring my art journal and only to take a printed Time Book. These are a printable template offered by Kara Haupt on her Classes Kara Made website. I really like this template because it is easy to make it your own and just the right length/size.
I only brought some washi tape and some pens with me and decided to use found ephemera (except for the sequins on the cover, that fell off anyway!). Here’s a look inside:

(I was so sick on the way to my in-laws, ugh)

For this page, I used triangles cut out of the wrapping paper that was left over after Christmas day.

Some people just bring out the worst in me during stressful times. Especially when they try to unload their stuff (literally or figuratively) on me.

I wanted to make a positive page after that negative one. I did this page while we were travelling in a snow storm (and I was a little scared).

I used all of the gorgeous tissue paper that I got on the 25th as a pattern making extravaganza.

There you have it. Simple but therapeutic and I think it’s pretty obvious that I needed that place to dump those emotions. The rest (all the good photos, the smiles and the gifts) will be in my Project Life album anyway. This was for quick ‘I need to get this out of me now’ reactive journaling.