I had so much fun during this trip with my friend. It felt good to be just on our own, without our kids, even though we missed them and talked about them a lot! I had even more fun filling in my travel journal! This is a journal that Caylee made me when we met in Paris, but I’m pretending that the Eiffel Tower is actually Tokyo tower, heh heh.

I love picking up ephemera wherever I go and adding it in. I also love the watercolour paper that was in here. I decided to watercolour the food we had or things we saw.

Tried something new here: I layered all the colours and then added the sketching.

The food. SO. Good.

Interactive pages are also super fun.

‘Not from Paris Madame’ is the best sticker I’ve ever seen and so perfect here! Because we are french Canadian and speak french, people thought we were from France and we kept having to set the record straight.

My favourite page!

Then we left Tokyo and headed off to Hong Kong (where my friend lives). I love documenting the movies I watched on the plane. I usually journal while I watch them!

 Coming home to Hong Kong was really emotional for me.

I got some new ink! I’m waiting for it to heal so I can share.

I met Lauren Brown in HK and she made this page in my journal!

Et voilà! I’ve just enrolled in Lauren’s Travel Like an Artist class and I’m already so inspired by her ideas. Can’t wait to try them out next time I travel.