I am leaving soon for six weeks. The first three will be spent in Spain and Portugal and the last three back home to Canada. I am so excited! Because there will be so much to document and so much time to do it, I want to be mindful of all that I will bring. Here is what is coming with me:

There are three journals: my Season of Starting journal which I will also use for the Goddess Summer challenge by Karina. The brown Traveller’s Notebook style one is my travel journal. There are three notebooks inside it. The papers that were in the notebooks were not to my liking so I re-bound them with a mix of papers including watercolor paper, grid paper and sketching paper.

The blank paper journal on the top right is a Hahnemulhe journal. It is filled with dreamy watercolor paper. I am not sure what I will do in this journal yet but I know I will have lots of time and inspiration, so we will see.

I assembled the watercolor palette (on the left) using all of my favorite colors from various makers. The gouache palette on the right I made myself. The three tiny ink bottles are very practical because they are small and nicely sealed. The three Acryla paint tubes will be practical as well.

I have a good number of Inktense crayons that I want to try. I am also bringing some water soluble crayons (sort of like Neocolor II crayons). I am bringing my trusty Uni-Ball Signo broad, a white Posca, a pencil and my dip pen.

That awesome envelope I filled with stickers, tabs, alphabet letters, die cuts, labels and washi strips. This is for my travel journal. I love to mix found papers and ephemera with stickers and embellishments that I have from various sources.

Not pictured: I have a big envelope of ephemera with different types of paper (including magazine images and other types of specialty papers) for a special project I am working on.

Once I had assemble all my media, I decided to swatch everything…one of my favorite things to do! This makes me so excited at all the possibilities that a blank slate and aaaaallll the pretty colors bring.

What are your must have supplies when you travel?