I love love love my planner. For 2019 and 2020, I made my own wicthy bujo journals using Archer and Olive’s amazing notebooks. Last year, I used a Chinese planner which I had ued in 2018 (but not as a planner). What I remembered from that project was that the pages were nice and soft and had little bleed through (game changer for me). I used one of these last year and loved it. There is one day per page so I could really go all out with using my stickers and still have room for sketching and documenting. I loved it so much, I bought the same one for this year!

The best part is this gorgeous iridescent gold cover. I mean, maybe that is not the best part but it’s definitely up there in terms of what I love about this planner. Last year it got so thick, I think I may have to preemptively slice my 2022 one in two. Because it was getting hard to write on the left side pages at the end. But we are still a while away from this. Here are the first few pages:

Putting in my wheel of the year from the mega pull I did on Dec 31st is always so much fun. I am using so many printables by the wonderful LaGreenWitch because I love her style so much. Plus, Ravenclaw themed papers! I am also using printables by my Sister Witch Caroline, notably the Moon and tracker and the roses background paper below – a forever favorite!

I have a book tracker and a moon time tracker at the start of my planner. These cover up some pages that were in Chinese and that included a weight tracker – no thanks! At the start of every month, there is a double page monthly calendar spread. I never really use those pages as they are, so my aim is to create a collage (using my extensive sticker collection) that takes into account my cards for the month. I’ve already added in January’s. I write the gist of each card pulled next to the image that represents it. Pro tip: temporary tattos look great on paper! Most of these stickers are by Elly Mack and Stickii.

The double page spread just after that one has space for goals and such, so that makes it perfect for my Patreon planning. For Patreon I will be looking at a different theme each month so this works out super nicely.

The rest of the daily pages are used as a hybrid of planning and documenting. I will add in bits and pieces of what I am working on in the studio. I will add in business cards or branding stickers from places we ate at. I also dip into my washi tape collection. I keep it nice and loose and easy, with a sketch here and there. It becomes a wonderful useful daily tool, this Witchy Planner of mine. I simply love it.