Oh you guys, I’m so excited for next month! We are starting our new Season: Messy Lists. This is the collision of two of my favorite creative endeavours : Get Messy and 30 Days of Lists. The cool part is that the Season will be completely different than either of these entities. I agonized (ok, maybe that’s a little strong), I thought a lot about what kind of journal I wanted to use. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go big or small, minimal or mixed media.
In the end, I decided to go with the awesome art journal Kate made me:

It has about 40 double pages. Some lists I will do on single pages, others will be on two. It will depend on the art or the journal prompt….and my mood!

The paper is a good mixed media grade and holds watercolor nicely. It is about 5 x 7 when closed. I feel that that is a good size for this kind of project. I’m also looking forward to working smaller.

Look at the cool diamond binding! There is enough space that adding collaged papers shouldn’t put too much stress on the spine.

I am super excited for this Season to get underway! If you are a Lister, I hope you’ll take the plunge and try Get Messy. You’ll see that we are all about inspiration and encouragement here! You can click the links on the bottom of this post to sign up.

Have I mentioned how much I love the V on the cover? I do!
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