I created a monster!

This summer we are going on a three week trip to France and Italy. I can’t wait! It will be such a nice change from Hong Kong!

I decided to make a travel journal to document our trip. I couldn’t restrain myself. This baby is huge! The size of the book is 10 by 8 inches. I have four big signatures in there. Doesn’t matter, I’d rather have more pages than not enough!

The first pages of the book have this lovely alphabet printed inside.

Because we are spending a couple of days in Paris, I was able to include a page from my ‘Cities’ calendar by Rifle Paper co. Because of the big size of this book, I had to add to my scrapbooking paper pages. When folded these papers are 6 inches wide and I have 8 inches. So I didn’t always fold them in the middle and simply took out Marie-Antoinette (my Brother sewing machine) and sewed on more paper. Sometimes I used transparencies (by Hambly) like on this page.

This map of the Paris bus system I folded on the underside (it wasn’t double sided) and stapled it to the page.

For the end papers that help to achieve the right width, I added watercolor papers and sketch paper. I want to sketch, write and add pictures and ephemera to these pages.

The Paris map transparency on the right is a pocket. I didn’t sew the top part so I can put some ephemera in there if I need to.

Another calendar page from Rifle Paper co. Their cardstock is thick and creamy.

This is my favorite paper ever and my favorite paper/transparency combo ever.

I can’t wait to color in those flowers!

Lots of maps in the back part of the book, so I can draw in our itinerary.

I even tried out this lovely stitch. Gorgeous (less so on the other side ha ha!)

My new stamp, my chinese zodiac sign is the hare.

For the cover, I layered some stickers, postcards and wallpaper in coordinating colors.

A few pictures of the stitching from my iphone. I’m still getting used to my machine.

I really like my test strips. These are going into my Project Life binder.

A view before I trimmed off the thread. I look forward to using this journal and showing you the finished pages! I am forever grateful to Mary Ann Moss for her Full Tilt Boogie course which opened up my eyes to so many possibilities.