A while ago, a friend of mine – who is also a Canadian living in Hong Kong and who is also leaving this summer -suggested we do a ‘Top five album of all things Hong Kong’. Basically, the idea is to jot down our impressions in the form of prompted lists, each with 5 points. My friend came up with most of the prompts but I added a couple of them. Then each of us proceeded to do our own album, the point being to compare notes once we are done.

I decided to use my stash of supplies for this album. I didn’t buy a single thing to complete this, not even the pictures. They all came from past trips to the printers. In terms of design cohesion, there isn’t much since the supplies I used came from different kits with different styles. Also, it wasn’t always easy to match pictures to the prompts and for some of them, I had to improvise quite a bit! But Hong Kong is an eclectic city so it’s fitting that this album be just as eclectic!

Products used : Basic Grey capture album, various Project Life cards, stickers, old calendars, ephemera, pictures, junk mail, wrapping paper, postcards and stamps.

Here is a look at my album: