In the fall of 2012, I wanted to get started on a project that I had seen on Pam Garrison’s blog. She calls it her Journaling Quilt. I loved this idea so much and really wanted to do one for my family. About the same time, I saw a similar quilt on Kellyd67’s Instagram feed. And was super excited to start one right away.
And then I hurt my arm and wasn’t able to stitch for the longest time. So I put the project aside until it became relevant again. Well, it’s new year, no time like the present right? So here we go!

2014, the year of Elevate for me. The year we leave Hong Kong and settle somewhere new (still waiting to know where). This is as good a time as any to document our lives in this manner. So I’ve started on what I call my ‘haphasard quilt’. I got a bunch of inspiring books and am trying out new stitches. So far, I am having a blast and I can’t wait to see where it’ll go. I started with an introduction piece. I stitched the year and our names on a pice of vintage fabric that already had some embroidered flowers on it.
Here is the finished piece :

For the second piece, I wanted to document Hong Kong. So I pulled out a stamp of the HK skyline that I had carved myself and transfered it to a vintage handkerchief.

Hooped it and started stitching yesterday.
I picked out some floss in the grey/black/dark blue range for the buildings.

I started by stitching the Bank of China building. Because it’s so iconic, I wanted it to really stand out so I used some metallic floss. It’s really hard to work with, but it looks cool.

I will keep you posted on my progress throughout the year.