I like to start off with some fresh goals for the year ahead. Call them ‘resolutions’ or ‘intentions’ or whatever you like, to me these are items on my To Do list for the year. I hope to have them crossed-off by this time next year.

1. Develop Dans ma tannière
2. Make my Haphasard Quilt
3. Use more of my designs in my Project Life
4. Make a quilted table runner
5. Attend an Art Journaling course
6. Learn (Photoshop, Illustrator and other skills)

And couple of goals that are part of my concept of my OLW elevate:

1. Keep up my health regime (exercise and food)
2. Help my kids be self-sufficient by getting them more involved
3. Re-think my use of technology in my daily activities
4. Go outside more

I’ve already gotten started on a couple of these. I find it helps to write them down as a reminder. I don’t participate in the OLW classes and workshops, but I try to keep my word in mind throughout the year.

As I first step, I’ve enrolled in three online classes. Two on Skillshare for learning the design programs and one at Studio Calico to play with script with Kal Barteski.

Feels good to elevate!