I thought I would share my completed Oracle here. I absolutely loved creating this deck. The textures and colors all really appeal to me. Becuase of the 3 dimentional nature, it is a little hard to mix the cards. So I essentially let my hands run over them and then just pick one. This is mostly for meditation or for art making. More and more I am combining my spiritual practice with my art making; this is pretty much what the Rituals class is all about.

To show you the cards, I grouped them in themes. The cards play off each other and help me to focus on the different aspects of my story. This first grouping features the Elements. Clockwise from the top: Spirit, Water, Fire, Earth and Air.

The second grouping can be called A Witch’s Journey (almost like the Fool’s journey). It features (left to right): the Maiden, Mother, Crone, Witch and Familiar. These are archetypes that help me call on their creative energy in my work.

Group three is all about Phases: (clockwise from top) Ancestors, Cycles, Legacy, Circle and Renewal. Basically these cards address changes we go through and the allies that help us.

This group of cards is related to our shadow. They are personal archetypes and symbols that help address the darker corners of my being. They are (left to right): Crown, Vampire, Moon, Light and Dark.

The following grouping relates to our bodies and tapping into intuition and bone knowledge. This is all about trusting your gut. They are (clockwise from top): Eye, Hand, Heart, Bone and Blood.

The next grouping can be considered as the tools that helps us along our journey. I try to keep the interpretation of these very open ended, because they will differ according to the situation or the cards around each one. The cards are: (left to right) Garden, Staff, Knife, Harvest and Crystal.

This final grouping is slightly more evanescent in terms of meaning. These cards are very open ended in their interpretation because they are multi-layered in terms of meaning, even to me. They are: (left to right) Moth, Offerings, Passage, Potion and Spell.

And here it is: the Season of Power Oracle, all laid out. I love looking at these cards as a group!

Let me know what you think! Is there a particular grouping that calls to you?