I am working in my Book of Me and following the themes as they come. I thought I’d show you where I’m at. 

These are some zodiac affirmations I found in an old magazine and I felt they would be cool here.

The theme for February was Currently. I explored the return of some body issues for me. These are familiar demons that I wish would stay away.

I love using what is on the actual page of an altered book. This is an example of that, with the highlighted words. I am also testing out some techniques I want to teach.

The Women’s March happened in January but I love that I can document some of these signs and photos from these in my Book of Me. I would like to add some images of the March for Our Lives as well.

The theme for March is Introspection and we were invited to use a paper doll as a catalyst. I found this screenprinted bag as I was cleaning up and I knew it would be just perfect for this. I added all the terms that relate to me on it.

Thanks for looking!