When it comes to choosing a base for a class, I really try to use up my stash and also let myself play outside of my comfort zone but still keeping my style. You can take a look my completed journals for You Go Girl and Tell a Story : Match Point / End Game and Control or lack thereof. I loved making and using those journals.
For Kara Haupt’s Summer of Love class, I knew exactly the book I wanted to use. In the class Kara takes out the spine of her book and uses friendship bracelets to bind it (brilliant!). Thing is, I really don’t like ringed binding. So I thought I would use this book that I’ve had in my collection. I wanted to take out the pages and re-bind new papers inside.
But when I looked at the book itself and the pages, I loved it too much to take it apart. There is something about fairy tales That scream summer for me and that make this book just perfect as is for my journal. It is a great size, about 6 x 8 which is my favorite size.

And there are a bunch of great illustrations.

Some of them were actually colored in by a child at some point in time.

There are songs, sheet music and musical notes in there.

The pages are sturdy and have lots of white space around the text.

Lots of quirky notes by the author throughout.

And this wonderful note on the first page.

Very excited to start working in this. I’m not sure it I should take out a few pages or glue others together. If I still had my sewing machine, I would stitch a few pages. I’m going to wing it and see how it comes along. 

Thanks for looking!

Even the title is perfect since I’ll be filling this book up in Hong Kong, Montréal, Gaspé ad Gatineau which will be our new home for the next two years. Win!