My birthday is coming up soon and for various reasons, I decided to host a Mad Tea Party. There may be costumes involved. I wanted to make my own invitations and send them out by mail. I found the perfect stamp set, called Wonderland by Stampendous. It has more of a Victorian feel and not a Disney one.
I stamped a bunch of cards that I had left over from my wedding (!) four years ago.

After stamping, I added some stitching on the cover of each card.

 I also stamped the envelopes.

After trimming the thread, I wrote along the stitched line.

For the inside, I printed out an image I made with the Word Swag app (on the left side). On the right, I wrote my invite in the Phonto app, then printed it on vellum. I then attached the vellum with a piece of washi tape that I bought in Tokyo and that features rabbits.

On the back side, I put in all the details (which I won’t show here). I had so much fun making these and got many compliments from the people who recieved them. I’m glad, it’s so worth it to send real snail mail. People love getting things that are not bills in the mail. I know I do!