So I finished my introductory collage. I always make an intro page inside my journals. I usually put in some ephemera from favorite illustrators and artists. I add in my name, the number of the journal and the date. The girl with the bear is by Emily Winfield Martin from The Black Apple. Her work is a staple for me. I basically buy every single postcard book/notebook she makes.

I used some of the gorgeous washi tape I just got from Lou Tinen Events and from April’s Messy Box. Unfortunately, they don’t stick very well to the paper, so I had to add a layer of matte medium on top. That amazing bird is by Abby Diamond of Finch Fight. I commissionned it from her in 2012 when I was thinking about my swallow tattoo design.

I put in some of my Beasts, some vintage ephemera a friend gave me (like that gorgeous marbled paper), a leftover photo, a flash card.

I also re-used a Present and Correct tag from a package I recieved two years ago to hold the relevant info on my journal.

I’m quite happy with the results and excited to be working in this journal for a while. I’m considering making some for the shop, if there is some demand.