This is the first week of the Season of Fairytales. I can’t wait to see where this Season leads us. Misty and I switched weeks for our tutorials, because her tutorial makes more sense at the onset of the Season. Although, I would say that maybe you should keep the frist few pages of your journals blank until my turn comes along!

Anyway, I thought I would share a glimpse of my approach for the Season. I am still traveling so I’m a little out of my comfort zone in the sense that I have limited supplies. Which, for me, means more cut and paste / collage elements. Also I feel that a lot of the aesthetic that I am drawn to in magazines fits perfectly with fairytales…in particular queen archetypes, bad-ass princesses and witches.
Before I left on my trip, I had already decided that I would use the journal I made to demo the long-stitch in my Basic Bookbinding class. I love the format of this journal and it is filled with lucious watercolour paper and flaps! In my travels to Scotland and in Montreal, I found some lovely vintage books that would have made really great altered book bases. But I’ve already started in my journal so I will save those for other projects.

I figured I would be inspired by the colours and the landscape of the Highlands and I thought right. I decided to explore the idea of making my own fairytale, called The Lady of the Moors. After I watched Maleficent, this idea of the moors as places of magic was inspiring and actually being there solidified this idea. 
There was magic everywhere. From the colours to the open spaces to the awe inspiring mountains. So I decided to cull some images that appealed to me and my very bare-boned idea for a fairytale.
First I have princesses: soft, beautiful, otherworldly women.

Next, I have the Lady herself: hard, edgy, strong, a loner.
Finally, the witch: mysterious, formidable, ancient.

I have a bunch of images that I would relate to element magic: mountains, herbs, florals, deep dark woods, green pastures, animals.

So far, all of this is closer to a mood board than an actual played-out story. But as I go along with the prompts and tutorials, I hope the tale will wind itself and emerge in my journal. I am excited for what is coming. Do you feel it as well? 

I would love to know more about your chosen approach for the Season of Fairytales.