I have finished the first side of my accordion journal. I LOVE the process. I LOVE using a limited color palette. I challenged myself to use the papers I got from Rachel in my Get Messy Color Swap packages. It has been super freeing to work this way. To not follow a prompt and to not have a page be about something specific, which is what I tend to do. Want to take a peek?

Another thing I love about this journal is not thinking in double page spreads but rather in one long scroll. So the spreads don’t end where the fold in the paper is.

I added a few pieces here and there. The ‘victoire’ is from a bag from a store and so is the jackalope above. I also added some ephemera from the Warhol exhibit I visited in Hong Kong in 2013.

I so enjoyed this that now I will do the backside of these pages. I’m thinking of tweeking the color scheme a little. I’ll keep you posted!