Guys, 30 Days of Lists starts tomorrow! Eeeeek! Are you excited? I know I am. For the first time since I started participating in this challenge, I am using a different notebook. 
I made an accordion mini book from the leftover scraps from my regular sized notebooks. This is actually the book I made for the tutorial I shared on the private blog for the registered Listers (you should join us!)

I loved it so much, I decided to use it for September’s challenge.

Just like I did for March’s edition, I used black gesso as a base for my lists.

Each page is 3 x 4 inches, which is half my usual size and it will be quite the challenge to keep this manageable!

I love the colour scheme and am looking forward to filling in this little cutie.

I put the date on the back cover. I love how the accordion notebook opens this way.

I wonder if I will like working small or if I will go back to my ‘go to’ size after?

What about you? Have you been using the same notebooks or formula or have you tried something different? I’d love to know! Please tell me in the comments.

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